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The SUBAJ Mobile app is going to transform the shopping experience of millions of customers through its flabbergasting features and functionalities. The app is powered by some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies like GeoDrop, Augmented Reality and Social Gamification. It will be evenly beneficial for all the customers as well as the merchants in a number of ways.

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SUBAJ Enterprise AR Solutions

SUBAJ offers Brands, Retailers, Banks, Large Enterprises and Bricks & Motar Merchants, an Enterprise AR Suite of Marketing solutions that help them boost their Product awareness, Customer Engagement, Brand Campaigns and generate Instant Revenue.

Visitors get free AR content and possibility to learn more about the fashion designer, the designs, fabric, sizes, discounts and much more, AR would help customers in voyaging outfit by outfit. The visitor will also be offered in-app purchase possibilities of audio guided buying in various languages.

Enhance the tourist experience by displaying key information about the monuments and place virtual ads on the facades of buildings and showcase deals on store sideboards.

SUBAJ custom AR solution will change the fan experience right in the stadium as they can pointing their phones at the field for advanced stats and replays. They can also locate merchandise, restrooms, exists, stands, dugouts, etc.

Directions to the dedicated lobbies, areas, VIP zone, bars, table bookings, etc. gets easier with SUBAJ app. The customers can easily scroll through the available offers and rewards in the club which helps them make informed decisions.

For hospitals, you can expect streamlined patient and visitor experiences which allows them to swipe around and explore key locations such as pharmacy, get notified about appointments, etc.

Locating the nearest pharmacy, in-store drug shelf location, rewards and offers, drug availability, insurance cover, etc. gets easier for the customers. Retailers can send follow up SMS, mail from their pharmacies providing all the information they need to later make a purchase decision.

With SUBAJ AR solutions, places like museums and art galleries can layer more information on top of existing exhibits. SUBAJ understands the importance of modernizing exhibits and galleries to better connect with the present-day public by extra information available.

Restaurant and fast-food outlets can use AR solution to deliver realistic virtual depictions of their on-going offers, the recipe of the day and table availability.

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